Congratulation on winning the final round of ABT BASS Electric series and the Angler of the year!!


The final ABT Bass electric round was held at Lake Moogerah on the 13.08.17, with a field of 24 anglers knowing it was going to be tuff it was anyones event to win.

I managed to do a pre-fish and had a hard time finding the bass, I found heaps of bait and it was all in 40ft of water and deeper. I did see many bass hanging round the bait schools so I kept on searching using the maps on my Lowrance carbon 12. I came across the tip of a submerged point called THE SPIT, there were very small bumps on the bottom in 35ft of water, so I sent down a soft plastic and started a vertical slow straight retrieve.

I watched the soft plastic in the transducer beam and seen that the bumps where fish and they were following the plastic. I managed to catch 1 and it was 31cm to the folk.” Australian Bass need to be 30cm to the folk of their tail to be counted in to weigh”. So with that 1 bass this was where we would start on comp day. Tournament day: We went to the GPS mark to find the same thing, small bumps on the bottom in 35ft. I started off using the soft plastic with no bites.

So I changed to a Jig, sinking the jig down to the bottom then winding up 3 winds. then by lifting the tip of the rod it makes the jig scoot and dart. I then pulsed the jig for a few seconds, I found that the bass would tap at the jig like little bites then they would load the rod and you would strike. I managed to catch a few under size bass but by the end of the session I got a 30cm and a 32cm and won the event.

It is the 3rd time I have won this in the same amount of years. With this win it gave me 5 wins for the year. Angler of the year. Thanks Valleyhill for your support .


Rod: Valleyhill RAISON JABURO 65L
Reel: 2004
Line: pe 10lb Leader: 6lb Lure: Jig

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