2019 Casino Outdoor Bass Electric Series Round 1 Richmond River Coraki NSW


The first round of the 2019 Casino Outdoor Bass Electric series was run on banks of the beautiful Richmond River in Northern NSW.
Coming into the event I had decided to fish down river of the start line as I suspected there would be less pressure on the fish as most competitors would fish closer to the start line.

Pre fish saw me start on a stretch of river up river were I saw plenty of action early on top water although the size of the fish were quite small so the decision was to move down to the areas that I had planned to fish during the comp day.
Upon arrival the fish were on the bite landing a cracker of a fish 2nd cast and seeing lots of signs of good fish I decided to leave to area and search for others.
Throughout the morning I failed to find anywhere as impressive as the bank I had found earlier so decided to start there the following day.

Come comp day I was greeted with overcast humid conditions which played right into my hands.
As I opted to throw top water presentations these conditions would allow me to throw it for longer throughout the morning.
On the way to my first location which was approximately 45min away I opted to travel quite close to the edge so I could throw my buzzbait into structure on the way past in the hope of getting lucky and managing to drag one out quickly as I travelled down the river.
Luckily that’s exactly what happened as I near my starting location I threw tight to a log and retrieved the buzzbait with speed and watched as a great fish come out and hooked up.
This was a great start to the day and was what turn’t out to be the biggest fish for the day.

I moved along to my key area were I filled out my limit with another keeper on the buzzbait.
Continuing along the edge I switched to a different top water presentation trying to entice a larger fish out of the snags.
Things didn’t go to plan as I lost 3 good fish tight to the structure in quick concession.

I decided to pick back up the buzzbait which proved to be a great idea as I soon after landed a big upgrade.
I continued down this stretch where I landed another 2 legal fish although they weren’t big enough to upgrade.

As the day progressed and the tide turn I opted to pick up a spinner bait and fish the deeper sunken timber.
This payed off almost straight away as I bagged another great fish which upgraded once again.
On the way back to weigh in I continued to power fish all the way back were I landed another 4 legals but none of which were upgrades.

A great day was had on the water and for my efforts managed to secure 4th place.
I would like to thanks all my sponsors, Valleyhill Japan, Costa sungalses, Suffix lines and Casino outdoors.

Tackle used
Setup one
Rod Raison Jaburo RJB70h
Reel Daiwa Ryoga
Lure Whiplash factory Noise addict buzzbait (02)
Line 14lb suffix Nano Braid
Leader 12lb suffix super 21

Setup Two
Rod Raison Jaburo RJB69h
Reel Daiwa Tatula
Line 15lb suffix 832
Leader 10lb suffix super 21
Lure Whiplash sob spinnerbait (07c)

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