ABT BASS Electric Series Hinze Dam


On the 14th April we had the 2nd round of the 2019 Casino Outdoor Bass Electric series held at Hinze Dam were 55 anglers greeted the start line. The dam had been fishing really well and expectations were high.

Pre Fish
Last time the tournament was at Hinze I was lucky enough to win so at the start of pre fish I headed straight to where I had fished then. Fishing shallow early I only managed to land quite small fish so I knew I had to mix it up and find something else.
I searched the lake without seeing anything worthwhile returning to so I made the move back to the first area but looked deeper off the points this time. The wind was quite strong and it was quite difficult getting the LV150 to the bottom so switched the chin blade out to a drop shot weight to get the lure down quicker.
The results were instance and landed 3 quick fish which confirmed a pattern for me. That night while re rigging rods I found some lv500’s in my box so I tied them on as they are heavier and would work perfectly.

Game Day
With a game plan in my head I decided to go straight to my key are although as the fish were biting later in the day I decided to start shallow for the first two hours.
With no luck I moved out to the deeper point were the action was instance. I bagged out in a matter of minutes with not a bad bag.
I continued to fish the same points with no luck then decided to switch to a point I hadn’t fished the day before, this proved to be the winning decision. I pulled up positioned the boat and first cast hooked up to a good fish.

It was a big bass and was an immediate upgrade. I threw straight back in and hooked up again to another big bass which also upgrade the other fish I had in the well. Now with to great fish in the well I started to make my way back toward the start line landing another 8 fish although they were only small.

As it turned out those two fish would be enough to take the win with my 2/2 limit weight 3.285kg taking home $760 in prize money.

The go to technique was to sink the LV500 in colour 08 to the bottom and start a slow retrieve. The fish would hit in the first couple of winds.

Rod Rasion Jaburo RJB70h
Reel Bait casting reel
Lure Valleyhill lv500GP colour 08
Line 16lb Braided line
Leader 20lb Monofilament line

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