ABT Bass Electric Series Lake Gregory


The 4th round of the Casino Outdoor Bass Electric series saw us travel to sunny central Queensland to Lake Gregory. Lake Gregory is a small shallow weeded lake that I had never been to before so I was very happy to take out 2nd place.

Pre Fish
On pre fish I started on a weed edge were I started to throw top water to see if I could get a early reaction bite. I soon realised that I needed to switch to sub surface bait were I opted for a Jerkbait and not long after landed my first bass for the morning.
I continued along the same edge with no more bites I decided to switch up to a plastic which saw another fish hit the deck straight away. This gave me some confidence in this area which I then left to search for larger fish out deep and it wasn’t long until a found some nice fish schooled off a point.
I opted to throw a metal spoon at these fish landing two very nice fish in two cast which had given me a great insight for the following day.

Game Day

 Competition morning saw me return back to the edge I had fished the morning before were I through jerk baits to the edge.
With 3 missed fish after the first 30min saw and lots of boats in the same area I decided to move out to my key deep area I had located the day before.
This area was a small ledge around 5m wide and 100m long were the bass were moving up and down all day.
. I made my first cast there and hooked up straight away to a nice fish and soon after landed my 2nd to give me my limit. I was happy with the size of one of the fish but the other I needed to upgrade.
I sat down and searched threw my spoon box and found a large gold spoon that I tied on. I made the first cast let and sink to the bottom and gave it a quick rip to get it out of the weed when the rod loaded up and I knew it was a big fish.
With this 47cm bass now in the well I knew that it was the kicker fish I needed.

Returning back to the weigh in with2 nice fish I was very happy when I took out 2nd place.

Winning Combos
ROD Black Scale BSRS-64L
REEL Spincaster Reel 2000
LINE 8lb Braided Line
LEADER 8lb Monofilament Line
LURE Spoon

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