The Abt bass pro season got underway on the weekend with the 1st round at the Hawkesbury River.


Pre fish Friday saw myself covering lots of water not really finding anything rock solid for comp day. Only landing one perch at 35cm wasn’t a big confidence boost but gave me a starting point for the first session.
Session one didn’t go to plan and I didn’t weight any fish, with this we headed right up a small creek for session 2 we’re we managed to catch 2 legals to put me into 12 going into the last day.

The last day saw me return right up this small creek but after 3 hours of no fish decided to make a move and this turns out to be crucial.
We moved to a rock wall and found a large patch of bait and managed to fill out our limit with the largest bag for the tournament.
This big bag catapulted me into the money with a 4th place. They key was holding in the current while using super fine braid to get the lure down quicker in the current. To make the long cast I used my Raison Odesa ros-70ml which was perfect for this job. The length was great for long distance casting and had the power to pull these large fish from the structure and the sensitivity to feel the small bites and convert to a fish.

All fish came on this Combo
Rod: Raison Odessa ros-70ml
Reel: Daiwa sol 3
Line: 8lb suffix nanobraid
Lure: 8lb suffix super 21 fluorocarbon leader
Lure:1/4oz bettle spin plastic combo.

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