Wyaralong Dam Bass Electric 24th June 2018.


The 3rd round of the ABT bass electric series was held on the weekend at Wyaralong dam Qld where I was lucky enough to take out 1st place and the events big bass. I managed 2/2 for 3.12kg and big bass of 1.715kg.
With 47 anglers eager to get out there is was sure to be a tough tournament.
I had never been on the lake until the day before which was practice day and I cover a lot of water were I managed to find two key areas.
Come comp day I returned to my first key area and stayed there all day only fishing a section of bank around 50m long.
The fish were schooling in around 23ft and moving up into 10ft to feed.
These are the fish I targeted as they were actively feeding. I managed to land my bag limit in only 30min a managed one good upgrade soon after.

I chose to throw silent lipless crank baits and crank baits in natural colours.I found the silent lures we’re definitely encouraging the larger bass to bite.
The retrieve with the lipless crank bait was a slow roll with the odd pause allowing it to sink back down again before starting the retrieve again.Accurate cast were crucial as I found I would only get bites on a particular cast from a particular angle so is was very important to keep repositioning the boat to get the right cast.
The retrieve with the crank bait consisted of a slow retrieve with the occasional twitch.

My rod of choice was the Raison Odessa ROC-66MMH 6-16lb. This was perfect for the lighter lipless crank baits with plenty of power to extract them form the structure.
My other rod of choice for the crank baits was the Raison Jaburo RJB67MMM 5-14lbs.
The super soft taper of this rod and great for cranking allow the rod to load fully before setting the hooks.

Number 1 combo
Rod: Raison Odessa ROC-66MMH
Line: 15lb braid line
Leader: 10lb leader
Lure: Lipless crankbait

Number 2 combo
Rod: Raison Jaburo RJB67MMM
Line: 16lb braid line
Leader: 8lb leader
Lure: Crank bait

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