Bass Pro Series #6 Clarence River on 8th and 9th September 2018


The last round of the 2018 ABT Bass Pro series was held on the Clarence River NSW Australia.
With the river levels very low and no water coming into the system the fish were holding further down stream in the saltwater then normal.

Pre fish saw me searching the lower sections of river were I worked out a pattern working the grass edges with surface early then progressing to crankbaits as the sun rose higher.
I managed to land 2 40cm fish with really boosted my confidence going into session 1.Session 1 saw me push down river around 20km to my first spot which only saw 1 small fish come aboard.

I decided to move further down river and fill out our bag along a deep weeded edge. I managed to catch these fish on surface as a storm had rolled in and it was drizzling rain. After session 1 I was sitting in 9th place.

Second session made the run all the way back down river to the same weeded edge were we got 3 fish very quick then the bite shut down and didn’t managed to get the 4th fish we needed although at the end of session 2 we had moved up into 6th place.

Session 3 I decided to run even further down river and concentrate on one section of river were I bagged out very quickly on JA-DO bevy poppers.
With a decent bag in the well I decided to look for big fish by running and gunning around 10 more boats hulls were a picked up the biggest fish for the session.
I returned to the way in to find out with my better day 3 bag I hung onto 6th position.

I would like to thank Valleyhill for all of their ongoing support.

Winning Rod combos
#1 Combo
Rod: Raison Jaburo RJS-65L
Reel: Spinning reel 2500
Line: Braided line 8lb
Leader: Fluorocarbon leader 8lb
Lure: Crankbait

#2 Combo
Rod: Raison Jaburo RJSR-67ML
Reel: Spinning reel 2500
Line: Braided line 8lb
Leader: Fluorocarbon leader 8lb
Lure: JA-DO Bevy Popper GP

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